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Friday, May 11, 2012

"This one is unsigned, and suggests that you do something physically impossible with the suggestion box"

We toured the theatre where we're hosting our wedding reception last night.  The vintage theatre is only vintage on the outside.  It was turned in to a grocery store after it stopped showing films and there was a major reconstruction to make it a theatre again.  It looks a bit more like a corporate office with a big screen but there is more usable space than the other vintage theaters we've visited in the area.  The benefit of modern fire safety codes.  They have tables and chairs we can use, at no cost, bathrooms, popcorn machine and a very cool thing we can use as the bar.

We had dinner a restaurant down the road which sometimes caters events.  It was kind of a strange experience but it's not scratched from the list.  He also offered another suggestion which I know matt's mom absolutely loves so I'm really going to look in to them.

I have to really think about the tables and how things are going to work out physically from sitting in a row of chairs with no aisle to eating food and serving drinks.  Beyond actually yelling fire I'm not sure how that's going to work. In a church everyone knows to leave after and go to the reception spot but the reception is in the exact same place and will be completely visible from the event seating.  I'm going to need some serious inspiration to figure out the flow.

It's good news to finally get it sorted out.  I have to figure out the times today and then print the invitations.  then there's no going back.

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