10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Don't worry if the sleeves are too long, you'll find they'll ride up with wear"

the thyroid medication is helping tremendously.  i went from wanting to fall asleep on the side of the path on our daily walks to walking and then coming home and doing more cardio.  which definitely proves to me that i'm feeling better and no wonder the first and much simpler wedding was kicking my ass so hard. my body could physically not cope with it because of my thyroid.  and apparently all the blood sugar issues i had been having were indeed related because there's some weird connection between hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia.  sorting out the one seems to be helping tremendously with the other.  this is to say of course that i haven't actually lost any weight.  i have gotten smaller and musclier but my actual poundage is even higher than i ever remember it being and i'm hoping it's all just a big fluke.  my clothes are starting to get looser so i'm going with the muscle weighs more than fat line and i took some measurements to i can feel some kind of progress is happening.

planning the reception is turning out to be a pain in the rear.  the caterer people haven't returned any calls or emails which is probably a good a reason as any not to hire them.  we started looking at chafing dishes and frozen crab cakes.  i still haven't seen the movie and i'm just praying that it won't be embarrassing.  not that it matters.  that's why we're using most of our budget on liquor.  anyway it sucks and we'd be much better off if we'd decided to stick with eloping instead of this hybrid.  everyone seems very excited about it though which is nice.  i'm praying it won't be a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the fatigue and hypoglycemia issues. Once your body adjusts, you'll start losing weight again. I'm in the same boat. I just found out I have a bunch of stuff wrong with me. This week, I gained weight. At least your clothes are looser - that's what counts!

Amy said...

non scale victories!