10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I'm a little preoccupied. I almost killed a man in the basement."

so far today matt has watched almost all of his farm vehicles break down and he's actually taking it quite well.  The dump truck lost an axle, the skidder is leaking fuel and something very bad happened to some welds on the back hoe...he parked the bulldozer for it's own protection and is finishing the foundation work with shovels because he just can't take anymore.  I'm having a much better morning.  I cleaned everything out of my cabinets, washed the shelves, and put it all back again.  it's one of those things that shouldn't feel productive but totally does because now i can open any door without spices and brown sugar falling down on me.

tonight i'm preparing my fourth meal in a row of snow peas.  I love them but it is getting a bit old.  i am very much wishing i had frozen them all the day i picked them which is apparently imperative in their preservation.  i think i'll risk it next time though because i'm so over snow peas there aren't even words.  it is kind of a prescription for healthy eating because stir fries aren't that bad for you if you keep the soy sauce down.  I'm also using up all my noodles from the chinese market.  there might well be an expiration date but since it's in chinese i've been ignoring it but it's probably better to use it all up.

things are going well enough with keeping those pounds off.  i haven't quite gotten down to 180 where i'd like to go but i haven't ballooned back up which is a huge relief.  i'm changing little things like sugar where i don't need it and less sweet baked good for matt's snacks.  instead of cookies and cupcakes i'm making muffins and soft pretzels.  still a calorie rich snack but we both feel better if the sugar content is just a little bit lower.

i'm getting nowhere on my wedding decisions.  I just can't make up my mind on anything.  matt and i are in a bit of a limbo because of some of things happening with his business.  it could be really awesome or really, really bad.  it might turn out for the best if everything is in my name and we're not married but it hasn't come to that yet so fingers crossed for awesome.

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