10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Girls, girls, girls, don't fight; you're both pretty."

while i was home my sisters and i were talking about marriage and weddings obviously and my sister said something that really made sense of my childhood.  She said she never knew you were supposed to like the person you were married to.  maybe that is why i've never had the wedding fever so many women my age have had.  i had never really considered marriage until our relationship became such that it seemed the more practical thing to do, we have the partnership with or without the paper...the paper allows us to be there for each other officially and it means i don't have to get rental insurance in my own house and also the presents...  it never really occurred to me that i might have permanent scars in my brain where the big fat white wedding gene should be because of my parents but it makes total sense.  fortunately i like matt, i love him too but even more important i like him and i don't expect either of us to spend 40 years being passive aggressive and staying just for the money.

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