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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"your seed has no legal rights"

So, who wants to hear my wedding plans?  I can't do too much a. because it's way too early and b. because we haven't received a date or confirmation from our venue yet.  and c. we're also trying to build a house so we have a lot on our plates.

Our plan right now is to actually wed on the 7th anniversary of our first date.  This is in March and inconvenient to all so we'll have our private wedding and then in July we'll have our large family reception.  We're hoping to host the reception at a little visited part of the national park that has a large covered picnic area and a building we could use should the weather be truly awful.  The plan is to have lemonade and lawn games and sandwiches and cupcakes.  We'd like to put up volleyball nets and play kickball and hire an ice cream truck.  If it rains we're absolutely screwed because all I can think of is wii karaoke or one hundred sets of monopoly...better plan b ideas are very much welcome.

I'm looking at very casual white dresses and jewelry online and trying really hard not to think about losing weight by march.  I'm simply carrying on with what I'm doing diet and exercise wise and trying to keep up with my slow progress.  I don't want to get to that place where you're counting the weeks and the pounds and ordering a size 8 dress because you spent weeks doing fat math and avoiding reality.

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Rebecca said...

i prolly shouldnt ask about a honeymoon huh?