10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Just because this is never going to work, there's no need to be negative."

Today I did some shopping when I was supposed to only be returning. The thing about spending time in stores is the longer you're there the more you're convinced you need everything you see and then you get home and you think "gee, who actually needs a red patent leather belt and a leopard print raincoat". I shouldn't be allowed to go to stores. Those aren't the actual things I bought but it feels like they are. I actually bought some very adorable shoes for a wedding except that I don't have a dress yet and then I bought a houndstooth cardigan to wear to a job I don't have in a season that's quickly disappearing. I never spent this much time in shops when I had a job, I've got things a bit out of order.

I've been using my stepper almost daily. It's very cyclical me and my stepper. Sometimes I just forget it's there and then I remember and I use the heck out of it and except for a crackling in my knee it makes me feel really good. I use some handweights and watch tv and I can easily spend 20-30 minutes exercising that I would have spent sitting and surfing otherwise. I'm definitely noticing my arm muscles more and my leg muscles feel amazing. It's not what I should be doing which is pilates but it's better than nothing. And better than spending money.


pinky pinkerson said...

I've been in a buy/return/buy cycle with both Old Navy and Target. I finally feel like it may be tapering down to an end.

Sevenbeads said...

I bought clothes last week. Hey, we must shop at the same stores ... the red patent leather belt and leopard print raincoat almost jumped into my shopping bag too. LOL.

Lately, I've been cruising the tablescaping blogs. Last night I HAD to go out and buy a ceramic asparagus centerpiece. Jeeze, what was I thinking? But you know, I still love it tonight. Guess it's a keeper.

Amy said...

Marshalls and TJMaxx are so good about returns, the gap always seemed to take it personally. It was emotionally fraught to return there.

I bought some dishes on super clearance just before my unemployment began and I really should have returned them but I just can't, I LOVE them. it's a sad state.