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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"I don't think he falls into the deadly threat to humanity category"

I'm one of those people who when the power goes out I keep trying to turn on the lights because it's just a habit, like breathing and blinking...there really isn't a thought process. It always makes me feel like an idiot because it's not like I didn't know the power was out. Today I have a new hard drive, which is kind of like having a new computer. It's weird. When I was talking to the applecare folks they asked for a callback number and you know...I don't know my home number. I had to go look it up. I don't know any phone numbers by heart any more because of the little plastic thing I keep with me at all times called my cell phone.

What I'm saying is that my computer is now a blank slate. Do you know how many times I have gone to my bookmarks bar like I always do and there's nothing there. And not only is there nothing there but I can't remember what was there. I took my brain out of the equation with the bookmarks bar and now I just feel stupid. Not as stupid as losing all my pictures and data FOREVER but pretty stupid. I spent a very long time yesterday at the mall scheming about how I was going to recover things from facebook and gmail and I'm working on it. I also gave myself some blisters and made Rebecca cry.

The good news is that my computer is not just an expensive paperweight anymore. More good news is that the good folks of apple in Portland Maine didn't charge me for the new hard drive or the labor. I guess driving three hours both way (uphill, in this much snow) made them sympathetic enough to comp it for me. Now I just have to start over. There are worse things. I could be paying a huge bill and then starting over.


Rebecca said...

holy cow! 3 hrs!

I would have done it too though..I dont know what I'd do without my MAC.

damn Steve Jobs!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

LOL! I know EXACTLY what you mean about trying to turn on the lights! lol!

- Lisa

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

LOL! I do that with the lights too. And I'm guilty on the bookmark thing too. The worst may be when my phone lost all its data, meaning I had numbers for no one & of course its not like you really "know" anyone's number with a cell phone. I spent days hoping people would call so I could save their numbers again. Pretty sure there are still people I'm missing. Now I back up everything! Its a crappy lesson to learn... but the price of technology I suppose.

Glad they were able to comp the price of the hard drive for you... that's a little silver lining anyway. :)

Amy said...

yes, it's a long drive. It was totally worth it though and what else did I have to do yesterday? I suppose I should be glad there was nothing I wanted to buy at that mall...saved me some cash.