10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 19, 2010

"This does not look good for our heroine"

If I had to go to a real meeting and weigh in I couldn't lie like I imagine myself doing when I have to enter my weight on weight watcher's.com. There's really no point in lying to a website you pay for and yet the desire is always there. I'm up one pound which hardly seems worth lying about except that I feel so much pressure to be down a pound and I know I haven't been "working the program" this week. Matt wanted waffles one day this week and there was batter left over and I couldn't bring myself to just chuck it when things are so tight. I spread it out over two days but it was still a five point breakfast when I didn't need a five point breakfast and half a waffle isn't that filling so it just starts the day off badly. Twice. Yesterday I painted my bathroom and my arms are falling off so I'm hoping my muscles are waterlogged but not only that when Matt asked if I wanted anything from the store I asked for a dove candy bar. I don't know why! I have never asked him to bring me chocolate ever, I'm possessed or something...probably I should start going to church and start saving up holy water for my exorcism.

I think maybe reading the want ads is driving me insane. This week's paper has three jobs and a guy looking for chest freezers. What is he going to do with all those chest freezers, eh? There's a crime novel just waiting to be written there, but no jobs to apply for. I wonder how much depression weighs?


Rebecca said...

WHY?! did i not think of this!?

depression must weigh tons.. i feel it for sure!!

Amy said...

it didn't occur to you because you must have that shred of sanity left. Makes all the difference.

The Merry said...

What, you gained a pound? Sheesh.
Tsk, woman. I'll see your pound and raise you two more.

Um... I was going for a card game metaphor there. Wasn't really asking to see your... okay, you got that.

However, next week I am planning dispose of all three of these extraneous pounds. (I'm hoping/praying/presuming these are easily lost water weight pounds.)

The stakes? If I don't lose these pounds, I will come back and think up good Firefly quotes for your titles. ("I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I...")

Amy said...

that's a sad quote!