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Monday, February 22, 2010

the olympics two weeks too late

I guess technically it's not too late to be excited about the olympics but seriously I just realized I could watch it online. They also have this great stuff at the store, bread that's sliced and everything. Sometimes I really amaze myself. I spent three hours watching pairs figure skating before I realized I could also fast forward. Yikes. Right now I'm wishing I took more than one snowboarding lesson. I'm also wishing there was somewhere nearby to board but ski mountains are so far from here. Matt's building a road up the mountain next year though so that could work out. I wonder if I could talk him into a half pipe?

I guess it could be worse because at least I haven't spent the day eating. The olympic mania really inspired our second snowshoe trek and it was really awesome and now everything hurts. I imagine the cowbells and the clapping and it's awesome.


Previously Plump... in progress said...

Tee Hee - I love that you just realised that.... at least it shows you're not a tv-holic...?

YAY for not eating all day - as short term satisfying as it is, it's never good the next morning... I always feel like a drug adict the day after I wake up from a binge - it's one of those "I was doing so well!!!! Why did I have to fall off the wagon?!?!"

He could so build you a half pipe - don't let him say otherwise! Challenge him to it - Boys never like giving up challenges....

Amy said...

If I had cable I'd probably have been watching it all this time but alas, tv is not an option where I live.

He kindof glazed over when I mentioned it, snowmobiles he likes but boards he's afraid of...sheesh!