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Monday, February 08, 2010

"Nobody deserves a mime."

Matt and I had a long weekend of physical labor and emotional anguish and today was really long. I know some people think we spoil our pets but if you wax rhapsodic about punching our dogs and you don't know why that's the wrong thing to do you're not my friend and you're not my family and I kind of don't want you in my house again ever. I've been fighting the grumps all day because that person was totally in my house all day long and ignoring someone like that only brings so much satisfaction. I did have a very good walk this morning with my very good doggies and it helped a lot. I've always liked to run when I was in a bad mood and it always helps, it's harder to get that same rush just from walking but you do feel pretty great when you get to the top of a trail and the sky is so blue. The crippling cold always brings the most beautiful clear blue skies, something to be thankful for when you're chipping the frost off your nose.

Today I received a dress I ordered a while back. It's from etsy and it's really adorable except that it's much too big. I love it because it's blue and it has pockets but seriously the sucker is huge. I can't return it so I might try taking it to a tailor unless anyone has any better ideas? I'd love to say I could alter it myself but I like to only screw up things I make for other people...I think the pressure would be too much. Part of me is thinking I should have known better than to order a dress online without trying it on but it was very cheap and is so unique I couldn't resist giving it a shot. C'est la vie.

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Susan said...

Cam,e over from Cranky Fitness - I order all my cothes online. I am much bigger than you, I suspect. Do get the dress altered. Much less expensive than a new one...