10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 05, 2010

"That was real manly how you shrieked and all."

I guess I technically didn't lose "nothing" this week but it feels like nothing. I probably could have lost more if I got a haircut or used a loofah and still Weight Watchers has reduced my points. Do they do that when the current points fail to make a difference or when you lose x amount of weight or do they just re-evaluate every month? I'm confused because it feels anti-climatic. I guess it's good to re-evaluate and I have been sitting all week when I wasn't walking the dogs. I had placed myself as a stander because when I'm working I'm doing all the active house things for someone else's house but now that I'm not working I've spent a lot of time on my rear. For example the only thing I did besides paperwork yesterday was to cook pudding. And then I ate the pudding, twice actually, and now that I have fewer points I can only eat one pudding a day and dammit weight watchers THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!

We're preparing for our hike and the temp has come up from zero to ten so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Zero was not enough degrees but ten I can live with and since it's only 8:30 it can only get better. The bonus about it being so cold out is that it's beautifully clear and sunny which is good for the mood as long as you have enough clothes on. The woofs and I are preparing to start our day with a beautiful walk and a smoothie and back to the paperwork saltmines. They tell me they have a nap scheduled because they always have a nap scheduled and if I'd known they spent so much time sleeping while I was at work I wouldn't have been harboring all of this guilt about leaving them.

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