10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B."

Dudes, I ate all my weekly points between friday and sunday. WOW. Damn, I kind of can't believe it. We snow shoed every day for at least two hours and I've been hungry and achy all weekend. Not achy, that's not right, it's more like muscle fatigue. I'm not sleepy, just tired all over. I was folding laundry one afternoon and the lifting hurt so much I couldn't help grunting as I folded. It really does help, tennis players know what's going on. The dogs were worried I was dying and they both sat in the bathroom with their heads just a little cocked to the side like "the human is making that noise again, where is the off switch?".

In some ways I wish I could take a day off but I just can't, there is no other way to walk the dogs in this snow and I know all the exercise is good for me. I'm really grateful in a way because if I were exercising like this at a gym I would definitely stop going or take a break. As it is I can't take a break because the dogs need me, if I didn't walk them as far as I could every day we'd have problems of a different sort and frankly I'd rather have us all tired in the afternoon. That's what I tell myself when I'm out of steam at the end of the trail, if I were at a gym I'd hop off here but because I'm outdoors I have to hoof it all the way home or wait for Matt to rescue me from the elements. An outdoor lifestyle is so much more motivating than the gym.


Rebecca said...


maybe i need to invest in some dogs?

recommendations for good poles and snowshoes?

i just can't get into snowboarding and we are planning an Up North trip end of February.

Amy said...

poles and shoes? I got mine at a local discount store for 80 shoes and 16 per set of poles. The discount store is only 20 dollars less than ll bean and if I wasn't in such a hurry I might have ordered them from there for the extra 20 and the lifetime guarantee. The poles are kabuda and they seem pretty nice, they have a summer rubber tip for summer hiking too.

You can probably rent some when you're up there to see if you like it. I thought it was a ton of money but i've gotten so much use out of them I don't think about it anymore. A gym pass I'd hardly use would be almost as much and this just works better for me.

are you a dog person? there's a whole section on WW about exercising with dogs and they're all right because you absolutely have to be outside when you have a dog but dude my house is always dirty. mud, snow, rain, more mud and toys everywhere and socks missing and I love them more than clean floors but it's definitely something to consider.