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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"No point to overdoing this exercise junk."

Today was the first day I've snowshoed since saturday's very long journey and I think I might be dying. My legs fell off and I can't lift the phone. If you type 911 on your blog how long does it take for emergency services to find you? Alright, fine, I'm being dramatic. And actually I think my arms hurt from all the sledding. That seems extra silly as you don't use your arms for sledding but when you're going down the hill at a million miles an hour and your puppy stops dead in front of you...you have to slow down and yell alot before the puppy is dead for real. It's been snowing for the last three days and it's only adding up to about 10 inches but the roads suck. I think the idea is to wait till the snow stops and then plow because otherwise it's a waste of money. If I didn't have to work or eat I would totally agree and I'm kicking myself now for not stopping at the market yesterday. I had already risked life and limb for a paycheck, I might as well have picked up milk and dog biscuits while I was at it.

I have no plans today because all my appointments have been cancelled for weather and I have cleaned everything there is to clean. Short of vacuuming the cat I'm out of domestic duties. I think probably we'll take another afternoon snowshoe and I'll work on a meal plan. I've been meaning to do this for two weeks and it's not that things have been going too badly I just want to be using up what's in the cupboards in an orderly fashion. I don't want my clean cupboard goal and my weight watchers goal to conflict, there is room for both if I make a plan first. I truly have never stocked things like chips and cookies and matt's been taking all the baked goods to work so what's left is beans and couscous and saffron rice that probably is old enough to just be tossed.

I have been noticing lately that not only do I not really have sweet cravings but that sugar is starting to taste too sweet. I remember that vividly from two years ago, the amount of sugar I used to add to tea was really sad, I just couldn't taste it. Now I use about a tablespoon a day for 3 or 4 drinks, just enough to cut the bitter and when I add too much sometimes I can't drink it. Matt had me waiting outside a shop for some truck parts and at the end of the first half hour I decided to get a treat from the convenience store. I had planned on a drink, iced tea probably, but I looked at all the candy and chocolate and none of it appealed and I think it's because I gave myself permission to choose something and nothing seemed worthwhile. If I had started out "I can't have this, or that" I think I would have gotten something I didn't really want and finish it and then feel guilty over it. When I keep the ball in my court things work out better, but that really wasn't the point of this story. I chose a honey sweetened green tea and the sucker was seriously too sweet. I had half of it and had to save the rest for another day when I wanted a sweet. I have gotten my taste buds back much faster than I ever thought I would.

Very lightly sweetened tea and tons of water were my crutches in ye olden days and I'm trying really hard to make use of them this time. A tablespoon of sugar costs me one point and I get 3 to 4 warm, sweet drinks that make me feel satisfied. I definitely think it's worthwhile and it keeps me feeling normal like this is something I could do forever, I just have to buy stock in teeth whitener or move to britain. The water I'm still working on. My old water bottles are gross and Matt has encouraged me to get new ones. The old ones are more than ten years old and the plastic is rank. I might choose new nalgene bottles or I might choose a new sigg bottle, I haven't decided. I like the clear plastic because I know how much I've had or have left and they don't dent like the metal, but the metal is lighter and easier to drink from (I really am that messy) and who cares if they get dented you bought them to use them MORON. It seems a ridiculous thing to worry about but I can't succeed without the tools, ie new snow shoes and snow pants and a new coat...a water bottle seems itty bitty in comparison.


Oh Cheri! said...

I've never snowshoed but I have tried cross country skiing which is awesome exercise and great fun! And here's a tip on drinking tea without staining your teeth...use a straw.

Previously Plump... in progress said...

Yup, I know what you mean, I too need the tools. A new running jacket was my latest purchase. I have 2 metal water bottles - one boig, one small.... I feel more dedicated when I have the tools.

Sounds silly I know, but I figure whatever makes us succees is worth it :)

Kepp on, Keepin' on!
Previously Plump

Amy said...

I used to feel so guilty buying stuff like this but if you need it to succeed you need it...no more guilt!