10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 08, 2010

"Bummer, I was just getting the hang of this depression thing."

I picked friday for my weigh in day sort of randomly but it's here and I lost two pounds. Two pounds is exactly what I was supposed to lose so yay! Technically I did my job. There was one day where I did not use all my daily points, throughout the week I used all of my weekly points and I used 13 of my 63 activity points. I've been doing a lot of googling about activity points and it definitely seems like my ten or more a day is enough. According to the website they want you to start with 1 or 2 and build up to about 4 a day. When I first signed up online they ask how you spend your day and I sort of felt guilty ticking the second most active box but I think I need to accept that yes I am an active person. I had been assuming all this time that my exercise level was a big part of the problem and it's not, it's all the damn snacking I do without really thinking about it.

That is the best thing weight watchers does for me, it reminds me that one cookie is not just one cookie, it's part of a whole day, week, month of eating habits that make my body not what I want it to be. I needed to see the little things for what they are and be accountable for them and alas, it seems to be working. I'm asking myself the question "is this something I really want?" and sometimes it's no and that's the place I want to be. I got there myself once but after almost two years is safe to say I needed help to get there again. There's this feeling when people talk about eating whatever they want and I envision they mean eating a platter of cheez doodles for breakfast. I want to change this for me to be eating whatever I want and wanting the best things, including a few bites of a really excellent dessert once in a while and not finding room for a sugar free pudding snack every day.


Rebecca said...


It worked! Your doing great Amy!

Rox said...

I love that last part... I want to eat whatever I want, but I want to want the best things. The things that are good for me. That is only the way to make a lifestyle change, isn't it? Otherwise you'll always be denying yourself. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the last part, too!

And congrats on the loss! Woot!