10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Well, I wouldn't bury a live chicken"

Every day since I did my weigh in I've lost another pound. It's freaking me out. I mean yay obviously but I have this horrible feeling that by weigh in day it'll all go to shit. It's not to say that I've been a points angel or something, there's definite room for improvement, I'm actually thinking that I didn't know how terribly I was feeding my body before last week. Yikes, seriously. It's all good for now. I'm still eating just above my daily range with weekly points. This week my goal is to not touch my activity points. That probably won't be so hard because I need new snowshoes. We've just been walking and it doesn't leave me feeling drained or exhausted but it also doesn't give me the exercise that snowshoeing does.

The shoes I have I didn't purchase, they were passed down from someone Matt knows and I have no idea how heavy a person they are meant to carry. This weekend Matt and I went off the beaten trail and it was a mess, I was seriously sinking and my shoes were coming off and he was making less of a dent than the 25 pound dog. It was seriously humiliating. I'm looking at shoes right now and I had no idea the breadth of selection. I have a few shops to check on my trip into town, there's a discount store that might have some left in my size but I'm not crossing my fingers for it. I know it's a worthwhile investment given the truly remarkable exercise I get when I use them I just don't want to spend the money. Argh!

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Cole Walter Mellon said...

Just goes to show that this journey isn't always about being perfect; sometimes it's just about being better than we were. I know for me, that was a low bar to jump...