10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Suppose you need a big full-figure woman like me to help straighten things out?"

The family dinner went very well. I cooked my crazy huge expensive turkey and it came out great. I found glasses and plates in boxes downstairs (I was serious about the storage problem) and even Matt was happy to pull out all the nice things for one perfect dinner.

Here is the table with the super cute flower arrangements I made.

This is a close-up on the flowers because I LOVE how they came out.

I used herbes de provence on the turkey and though it doesn't look traditional everyone thought it looked pretty, and tasted amazing. It was stuffed with onions and lemons and smelled amazing.

I made two pies because I couldn't help myself. This is the bourbon chocolate pecan pie I made especially for Matt's dad, the sugarholic.

Here is the apple, I missed my chance to get it without a slice missing but it looks more loved this way...appreciated you might say.

Everything went off perfectly. I was shocked, I am shocked actually. I expected something to go wrong trying to do so much at once but nothing did. Maybe since it wasn't a real holiday there wasn't as much pressure. Or amybe I am just a goddess of the kitchen. Matt's parents make great dinner guests so it's always nice when they come over. The dogs love them and were perfectly behaved. They actually slept through the whole dinner and were well rewarded afterward. And now I'm looking at the weight watchers website because I'm genuinely failing on my own and I need a jump start. I haven't completely committed to the idea mostly because of the money but damn if Rebecca isn't a shining example of dedication to that program. Anyone have any personal experience either way with WW?


Sevenbeads said...

First of all, I want to come to your house for dinner. Those pictures look amazing.

I do and I don't have experience with WW. I went several years ago and wasn't honest with the program. I would eat like an elephant after weigh-in and then starve myself the two days before weigh-in hoping for a small loss. Ideally, the program is wonderful, the food choices are great and if you're honest with the program, it really works.

I realized I was just wasting time and money and stopped going. I let a few years go by and I'm doing well now on my own. Every day is Weigh-in Day, I'm my own leader and fellow bloggers are the support group.

Amy said...

It was really fun to have people over, you're totally welcome! Funny I didn't take any pics of the roasted veggies...freudian.

I have that feeling too like if I can't be a grown up now will it be better to pay money to not take responsibility. I guess the three months package isn't so bad...if I can't get it together by then I'll know what I have to do.

Dawn said...

Mmmmm...pie...What was I saying? Oh yeah, right. The pics are gorgeous and I am happy for you that everything turned out well. I fully expect Christmas dinner at my house to be chock full of yapping dogs, pouting teenagers, and pies bubbling over in the oven. And congrats on finding more tableware! Score one for the hometeam! Anyhoo, just wanted to say that you are clearly a rockstar. Good job.

Amy said...

My dad is always filling my car with housewares my mom had, I don't even remember when we used these plates at home...all I know is they're english ironware and very pretty in a simple way.

The glasses rock but maybe you can't see them. They have the letter of our last name on them and are very 60's with gold rims. So glad I didn't buy something.

Thanks Dawn! I can get you that bourbon pie recipe...frequent applications can improve one's mood while cooking.