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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"the favorite of all my current bruises"

This morning I did some shopping for our fakesgiving dinner. Matt is calling it Festivus because apparently that's the only episode of Seinfeld he ever saw and it left an impression. I haven't hosted a dinner like this, ever, so it turns out I needed everything. If it was a real holiday with large and haughty expectations I'd be screwed. It turns out in addition to needing a meat thermometer and baster I don't have enough matching plates. I only have four chairs so I never thought the plates would be a problem and then we decided to add a fifth guest. I haven't solved that problem yet. I really wanted to find a reasonably priced not ugly plate sold in separates but it just doesn't exist and even I can't rationalize storing a set of 8 dishes forever that I'm not completely in love with. One person has to eat off of a salad plate while standing at the counter which is probably what Martha Stewart would do in this situation...that or put her head in the oven. I jest, I jest...she's immortal or something anyway...have you seen her skin?

I've been thinking about it and I can sew up a few more napkins that won't match but will be festive and I'll mix up the plates as best I can. I'm also debating about wine glasses. I don't have any but I bought some baby bottles of white just in case and now I'm thinking I'll have to hit up Goodwill and see what's available for the cheap and unprepared hostess. I feel a bit ridiculous buying something that we'll never use but will have to store FOREVER but I might feel worse serving wine in my mason jar glasses. CLASSY! If anyone has a better idea please let me know, not having the right dishes and glasses is pushing me over the edge. Funny I'm not that worried about the chair.


Anonymous said...

You know, you CAN serve wine in juice glasses. I mean, as long as they don't have pictures of smurfs or anything on them. Well, heck, even if they DO have pics of smurfs. But I drank wine all through Italy barely EVER in a stemmed glass.

I don't know if that helps or not.

Tricia said...

Just serve it out of your regular glasses and don't stress. Its not about the "things" its about the people. Good luck!

Amy said...

I am thinking the juice glasses are the best bet. I really love the mason jar glasses for every day but elegant they are not.

I know the only person who will care will be me, so sad!

Rebecca said...

oh gosh...i've been there!!

but really... you can never have too many plates/serving dishes/etc!

kohls has some really nice square ones (foodnetwork brand) on sale! they may even be sold as separates!!!