10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, December 14, 2009

"I attributed the incidence to temporary insanity"

So, I no longer think my hair makes me look like a person who drains the blood of goats. Now I just think it looks like I write poetry in my parents basement and use too much eyeliner. I should just crash all the mirrors in my house because nothing drives me crazy like worrying over my hair. I am hot like fire after a long walk with the dogs. There is just enough crust on the snow to tire us all out in half the miles we used to walk. It's almost time for snowshoes and extra thick mittens and long johns. The mornings are actually very peaceful and wonderful and I'm really trying to enjoy them.

I've been doing a lot of cooking lately, including a 15 bean soup which is awesome and I totally recommend, and this weekend we're cooking a turkey. I should never have bought a turkey for thanksgiving in the first place but I did and then we didn't cook it so unless I want to lose 30 pounds of freezer space for another year I have to cook the sucker. I guess I'm trading the whole turkey for turkey soup and turkey leftovers and five more pounds on my ass. It has to be done and lesson learned...don't buy a whole turkey unless you're COMPLETELY certain you're going to cook the bugger in a prompt and timely manner. Someone remind me next year!


Rebecca said...

first off, happy belated bday!!

secondly, a turkey!! you could save it for Christmas time?!

i know!! Fitbloggin is gonna be here in no time!!!

Amy said...


Have the best time in Germany!