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Monday, October 12, 2009

"It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door."

I want to be sleeping but what do you know I'm blogging. Matt had fisticuffs with the toaster and I couldn't sleep through the sighing and reverberating animosity. And now I have to buy a new toaster. Who would think a toaster would be so important but the one we have is killing us slowly. Hello Kitty toaster never did us wrong, until she died after years of continuous use. Matt really misses her, he didn't mind at all that his breakfast had a girly cartoon cat on it, so now I have to go to target and see if I can get a new one.

I had the whole weekend off which was a nice change. I made some pies and we walked the dogs and it was freezing. 50 doesn't seem so cold in the spring but in the fall it's awful. At least it was yesterday. I really have to find my winter clothes. I put away a ton of summer things, some of which I never wore because they didn't fit well which is tremendously depressing.

I'm feeling like I didn't hit any of my fitness goals but that isn't really true. I have been getting at least an hour of hiking in every day and my legs are amazing. I haven't had the diligence with pilates that I need to feel really human. For some reason I can't get it into my schedule. I haven't been making room where I should and it's another tremendously depressing thing I have to report. You get to this point in the year where you really see the end of another big chunk of life and you start to think about what you accomplished you can feel good about and when there isn't very much you get to feeling like you should run a triathalon in december to catch up. Which is ridiculous when a few days of pilates actually getting done would make me feel like wonder woman. Sometimes my goals are so pathetically small it's painful to say them out loud. 'Specially when I'm such a slacker I can't say I completed them. Yikes, I drive myself nuts.

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shrink on the couch said...

hate seasonal switching out of the clothes in closet. it's where I get in touch with how disorganized and hoard prone I am.