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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"they call me Mr. Pig!"

The second worst thing you can do when internetting, next to googling an otherwise harmless medical symptom, is to go to petfinder.com. I didn't even make that a link because then you would all adopt 700 cats and get a poor reputation with the neighborhood kids and be MAD at me. I look at petfinder alot. One might say, too much. Usually I do a quick collie search and when there aren't any compatible ones I go back to my knitting, or whatever. Lately I've had a bee in my bonnet about getting Knox a buddy. He does just fine on his own, I really have no complaints...I just think he'd like a friend. Someone to chew on and pounce on who isn't Matt. Someone who speaks his language. So pretty much a dog.

I've often regretted not adopting two when we took Knox home. Probably that would have been a disaster and Matt and I would have had to start sleeping in the garage but also SO MUCH FUN! Anyway, as I mentioned in the last post we found a puppy that is too cute for words. She looks like an ewok, or a gremlin, or a house elf (as Matt keeps telling me). The application was very long and I had pretty much assumed that we would never pass. The want for puppies over older dogs is so huge that I thought we'd be in a long, long line. It turns out there wasn't a line and our vet told them to give us whatever we wanted so...Puppy!

She is a brittany spaniel/sheltie mix from Louisiana. The "owner" took them to a kill shelter to have them gassed. His unspayed dog wasn't supposed to get pregnant, how dare she!, so he wanted them gone. There were only two, god knows what happened to their siblings. She'll be arriving sometime in October after a very long ride on the underground furry railroad. It all seems to have happened very quickly and now we wait. I'm excited and apprehensive. Two dogs won't be any more work than one, more money yes...but not more work. They need the same exercise and the same cuddles and the same attention from people (we looked at some olde english sheepdogs...adorable but not meant to socialize!) I'm sure they'll be best friends.

And now she needs a name. We discussed Knox's name in the car on the way home, with him in the backseat...puking. Knox is the name of the town he came from and a revolutionary general matt is fond of. In other words creative was not the adjective most appropriate to choosing his name. My first idea was Piper, but a friend of a friend's dog is Piper and Matt dislikes the association. The next is Winky, obvious for Harry Potter fans but I don't really feel it in my soul. River and Pixi are also on my list as compared to Knox she's going to be a baby. Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

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