10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Technical term is narcissism."

I'm painting my living room. I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful living room in the whole world. I didn't paint for the longest time because the white was fine and I'm lazy and I just didn't think it would make a difference. Oh, but it does make a difference. So I'm painting the bathroom too. And then I might re-paint the bedroom because I hate the pistachio ice cream color it's rocking right now. So, back to the living room and how awesome I feel looking at the walls. I should have realized the power of color but I just didn't because those years of art classes went in one ear and right out the other...apparently. Painting makes me feel like a grown-up. Or rather the feeling of decorating makes me feel like a grown up.

We're also looking at getting another puppy, which may or may not be grown up.

How cute is she? I know, right? She's supposed to be a lot smaller than Knox which would be helpful but also furry to keep warm and perky enough to keep up with the big dogs. We may or may not be approved for adoption, which adds a little suspense to the process. I might still use her picture on our christmas cards. A little elf had and she'll look just like dobby!


Amy said...

Very cute! I hope you are approved for adoption. She does look a bit like Dobby doesn't she?
Congrats on the paint job. Sounds as if it turned out well. Gotta love those litte perks in life that make us feel like actual adults.:-)

Amy said...

The paint job is orgasmic, I can't wait to be trapped inside all winter...I don't think it'll bother me at all. I hope the new puppy likes it!