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Sunday, August 02, 2009

"I was supposed to be that goat!"

Last night at Matt's birthday dinner his parents asked me if I learned anything in Chicago. It was actually a really good question and I did tell them a few of the things I learned. They seemed both confused and bored by what I told them, I felt kind of bad that I didn't have more interesting things to say. My client asks me questions like that a lot, questions she doesn't really want the answers to but insists on asking every few days. My favorite is when she asks where the internet is, where do they keep it? If only it were that simple. I find myself wondering how bad it would be to just make up a simple story even if it's not accurate. The internet is in New York City, but it's a big secret so don't tell ANYBODY.

There's a group of women we sometimes sit and chat with and the conversations are a riot. They really hate the management and I can't blame them. Most of the people living there were highly successful business people or educators or scientists and it's run by regular joe type folks just happy to have a job. They are essentially kind with good intentions but are also petty and self important in a lot of areas, not that I've had any personal dealings...I would never be so petty....ahem. Anyway, they're getting a Wii for the games room and I can't wait to hear what they have to say about that. They don't have a large screen tv for the vision impaired but they think a Wii is going to be a wild success. My client keeps saying she understands how people can be driven to the edge like postal workers and I'm starting to see her point.

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