10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Are you a fan of delicious flavor?"

Right now I'm preparing to bake Matt's cookies. Things were so busy the last week that he had to make due with oatmeal cream pies. The poor dear. So now I'm trying to decide what flavor to bake. The last time I made chocolate chip I ate almost half of them myself so I'm thinking broccoli or turnip flavor. No, actually they have to be really good ones today. I had planned to go home this weekend and the aforementioned poor matt had to remind me it's his birthday weekend...because I am a very terrible girlfriend. I feel really bad about forgetting so I might have to bake cookies made out of playboy bunnies or something.

I'm really unused to my life being this busy. My sister is visiting and I had meant to spend every weekend at home and then there's Matt's birthday and another friend is flying up in the next week. I'm used to a completely blank calendar. Flossing is usually my most exciting plan and I'm feeling extra frazzled by all this stuff being packed so close together. And I'm really behind on my hiking with this super crappy weather we've been having. The farms are suffering and the cows and horses are going to starve but I'm upset about my hiking. I'm genuinely worried about all of it, the rain really, really has to stop before the whole state regresses to the middle ages.

Even the lobstermen are screwed because apparently when I was gone there was a shooting over fishing territory on Matinicus and the judge ordered the whole island to stop fishing. That seems fair, an entire island of fishing families can starve to death because you don't know how to handle a fishing dispute. I've only lived here a few years and I know a whole community of fisherman aren't going to become paralegals and telemarketers because some judge tells them to stop fishing. Morons. I've never seen a state more intent on destroying the people who live there, it's unbelievable. But whatever, I still have cookies to bake. I can't wait to see how this fishing thing turns out, if there's any group you don't want to piss off it's the people who work the atlantic ocean in t-shirts all winter. Hard as fucking nails they are.


The Fat Foreigner said...

Wow! They really have grown! The chicks were really cute but something about full grown hens freaks me out a bit, they're always mean looking, I can;t believe they got so big.

Amy said...

They actually let you pet them and they're soft but the feet, I do not like the feet.