10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm actually getting used to the highlights. The front one still starts my heart a bit when I step in front of the mirror but overall I don't want to cry anymore. I left a few freaked out messages with the hair lady and finally talked to her and now I feel bad about how bad she feels. She's going to fix it on tuesday and hopefully we can be friends again. I like the look, just not the color. I think probably if you've never had a tan you simply have no way to pull off blond highlights, it's just not natural.

I think this week is bound to be stressful with or without the hair do. I'm trying to set Matt up so he won't starve while I'm in chicago and get my client prepared too. She told me today she's throwing a cocktail party tomorrow. A whole day of notice! Whoo! It's kind of fun really. She has a beautiful apartment so it's way fun to get things ready. My apartment is so tiny and cramped that parties are a pain, but hers is perfect. She has me on a mission to find sherry glasses and a cd of Debussy by tomorrow night. There are some days that my job is great, I love a shopping challenge.

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