10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ok, seriously, tracy anderson is a masochist...a tiny, tiny masochist

Dudes, I didn't even use the weights...three pounds, two pounds, I'm talking no pounds here and I died. I actually died. All the famous people who do her routine say "I hurt in places I didn't know existed" and seriously, dude, I only finished ten minutes ago and I'm bro with a capital KEN. Tomorrow I might need a full body amputation. Or a pound of advil. It's a toss up.

Everything was completely do-able even if I did want to kill myself while doing it. Sometimes I look at the things I'm supposed to do for Ana and I think "no, no, no one can do that" but this I can do. I don't want to do it EVER AGAIN but I will and I'll report back, for the good of the people. But wow, wow, wow, she's a seriously hardcore little pixie person. Honest though, about twenty times during the routine she says "this really kills" or "your arm should be really hurting right now" which I appreciate. I hate it when the instructor is all happy and fluffy and perky while you're in your living room chewing at your wrists trying to draw blood. I hate perky when I'm trying not to die, I guess I'm particular that way.

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