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Monday, October 13, 2008

"you could always electrify it"

So I went back to the Dem. HQ again to fetch a new sign. The little old ladies were really mad on my behalf. They asked where I lived and we chatted and they're worried there have been a lot of sign thefts. Cute old lady number 1 said "I don't think they know it's illegal to steal these signs" and cute old lady number 2 said "Oh, I think they know it's illegal". I said I was going to barb wire the edges this time. Cute old lady number 3 said "good idea" and then suggested the electricity. She's the third person to make that suggestion. I'm not really going to barbwire it but I want to, it's really hard to find barbwire. I put it at the top of a very steep embankment...so we'll see what happens this time around.

I had lunch with a new friend on Saturday. I have neglected to tell him how much Spanish I understand and he had a very interesting phone conversation while we were out. It would seem I'm "un poco gordita, no mucho". I am a little fat, or chubby, not very. It seemed easier not to comment. He also said I'm 28 so maybe I'll correct him on that one and see if he picks up on it. It was a very fun day anyway and he's not exactly wrong, I am a little fat. I should be glad he didn't elaborate more. Anyway I taught him how to use chopsticks, and we went to a yard sale...where he bought an enrique iglesias cd and we sang "Heroe" in spanish all the way home. It was an awesome saturday.

In the way of not being "gordita" I have done three pilates sessions this week and it's awesome. I'm coughing and hacking still but I can do five perfect teasers so I can't be that sick. I gave my beginners pilates dvd to a girl at work and I can't wait to see what she thinks of it. It would be awesome to have a pilates buddy. Maybe we could take a class and Pbffs forever. Awww!

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