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Monday, September 08, 2008

"One of you is going to trip and die and I'm not cleaning it up"

On the second to last day of work for Charlie, our designer, we had an on the job injury. One of our workers hit herself in the head with a sundial (I wish this was the strangest injury I've had to report, on the upside there's no way anyone would make that up). She was ok and then she wasn't ok and then we went to the emergency room. Charlie came with me because a. the girl couldn't walk and b. I needed moral support. After the emergency room drama, (ps to hospital registrars everywhere...unconscious people can't give their social security numbers...deal with it) we decided we really needed cake. So we went to the one lunch place that has really good cake.

We parked in a general lot and Charlie says "Maybe we should park behind the restaurant incase the boss' wife sees us" and I said "We have a right to eat lunch, don't worry about it". We were seated in the restaurant and after a ten minute discussion about how they didn't have a single cake that day, not even a sliver, Charlie went off to the bathrooms. I sat in my booth, looking out the window and eavesdropping on my fellow diners. The woman in the booth in front of us was talking about a man with the same name as my boss. And you know, she has the same shirt on that the boss' wife had on this morning...and the same hair...and OH SHIT THAT IS THE BOSS' WIFE.

This is where my flight or fight response kicked in. I ran as stealthily as I could to the back where Charlie was. It was just like in a movie where the character tries to escape and hits the dish boy and 2000 china plates crash to the floor except that part didn't happen at all. We hid in the bathroom until our waitress walked by and gave her ten bucks to pack our food to go and show us the back door. It was one of those moments that causes you to evaluate your life because when hiding in the bathroom is the best case scenario you have a serious problem.


pinky pinkerson said...

oh man, I am sorry that this situation had to occur (sundial? what?) but damn, you are a hilarious writer.

Amy said...

Serioysly, who would ever think to make up a story about getting hit with a sundial...it has to be true. I should have asked if they were hiring. Thanks for the compliment, I sort of wish we had hit the bus boy it would be perfect for a movie script.

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

LOL And not even any cake!

Amy said...

i'd have felt better if they'd had cake. Sigh.

The Merry said...

My old boss (in both senses of the word: he's no longer my manager and he's past 60) got a gash in his forehead at work and had to go get stitches.

The cause? He was riding one of those kid's Razor Scooters down the hallway and banged into the mailroom door.

(He was okay apart from the stitches, which is good because he's a sweetie and the world needs more good bosses, but it was one of those "he did what?" kind of accidents.)

Amy said...

Your story is very "It's all fun and games until..." Cute!

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Rebecca said...

dude...you have by far the most interesting job of anyone i know.

have you thought of selling your story to abc? it would make great tv!

Amy said...