10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, July 14, 2008

manic panic

Befpre I tell you about how I made my boyfriend drive for four hours for no reason because I freaked out about my bridesmaid dress not fitting can we talk about the bear that got run over yesterday? A BEAR. Practically in our front yard a 300 pound bear came running up an embankment and over the guardrail and some old dude in a cadillac creamed it. A BEAR. Something must have scared the crap out of it because bears don't do civilization if they can avoid it. it took 4 neighbors and one very interested British tourist to move the thing into a truck and the last I saw they had it down at the store to drink coffee and chat over and soon it'll be a rug for the cadillac driver. Which is surprising because I thought for sure he'd be dead. I would die if I hit a bear with my car, no doubt.

What was that about freaking out and driving to augusta? Oh yeah, well it's been increasingly obvious to me that this october wedding is just getting closer and I should probably get things in order. I made a dress alteration appointment last week. An appointment that I will have to change because that dress isn't as close to fitting as I thought. There is only one god damn david's bridal in Maine and it's in Portland and since you can't order online Matt and I started driving. It takes approximately 7 years for those dresses to order and ship so we really had to do it right then. The store doesn't open until noon so we were in Augusta by the time we were able to call and learn that we can order by phone, heh. I really need to disable my panic button, I'm thinking tranquilizers.

Since we were in Augusta we drove around and saw the state house and the museum Matt wants to go to and a very nice looking downtown in which EVERY store was closed. I tell a lie, the hallmark store was open so we browsed for lack of anything better to do. Even the coffee shop was closed. Dude. So the trip was a total bust unless you count feeling anxious, eating junk food and wasting gas as a good time. Yay whoopie pies! I'm less freaked out but much more broke at the moment. I hope the dress is nice, it better look fucking awesome.


pinky pinkerson said...

oh man.

share those tranquilizers with me, will you?

(David's Bridal=EVIL)

Amy said...

they're scary.

MayQueen said...

It took at least three weeks past the day they promised my dress would be in for the dress to actually get there.

Amy said...

in which case I am fucked. unless ofcourse I lose 30 pounds

Sugarcrook said...

What about the South Beach Liposuction and Cocaine diet?

Amy said...

that would work.