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Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't make me get the hose!

One of my boys gave me some Venezuelan chocolate this morning. He's a sweetheart. I slipped him a cupcake in his lunch bag and hopefully he doesn't think I'm crazy or that we're getting married. It's hard to know. It's been a really good morning actually, I even saw our resident bunny this morning. Last night ended sort of on the rough. Matt and I had a rare date and I left early. Well, technically I left after ten hours but it's pretty much up to the boss as to what is early and what isn't and that scale is never the same twice. But anyway, he doesn't seem too mad today and Matt and I had a nice time. Bangor has this open air market on Thursday nights and there was also a concert and it was really like living in a town that is alive for once. It was really, really great. We had thai for dinner and Matt almost died with the goodness. I love making him try new food he really doesn't want to and then forcing him to admit that he loves it. Small pleasures.

On my sick day I ordered some shoes for the big wedding in October. I've been meaning to do it for ages and it occurred to me that since I have to dye them I should probably get on task. I should also order a girdle because I have been a serious slacker and I don't exactly fit in my dress without a slenderizer. I have two months and it would be optimistic to the point of foolishness to think that I could do enough pilates to be a size 6 by october so it's time for spandex. I'm also going to try to cut some carbs, like umm that cupcake I gave up today...and make ab work a priority and probably some weights since my dress is halter. And then I'm going to buy a wrap and a sweater and a paper bag to wear over my head when I realize that I've had a year to get my act together so I wouldn't feel fat at this wedding and I've done nada about it. And also, because what's a paragraph without fifteen uses of "And" as the first word of a sentence, I should've saved some money because weddings are effing expensive even when you're not getting married...so many clothes to buy...although probably if I didn't dress like a straggled teen I could put together a nice outfit for the parties and the dinners without shopping for hours. Everyone should just live in sin, it's so much easier.

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MayQueen said...

Matt ate Thai? Thai? Matt? Ate? I am impressed.