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Sunday, June 29, 2008

"what about second breakfast?"

So, we were at a yardsale, as we're wont to do, and all of a sudden someone is playing the accordion. It was, of course, one of my boys. The vendor tried reallll hard to sell it to him, he must have been hard up for interest in it, but of course an accordion is not a practical purchase when one has to travel home to Guatemala. But wow, I'm impressed he could play the accordion, that rocks. I really wish they'd talk to me, I want to know someone that plays the accordion in more than a ride to superwalmart sort of way. Whatever, anyway we had a good time at the yardsale. Another boy bought a Britney Spears album and several bought barbie horses for their babies. Cute. I bought some things too...

The t-shirt is for my niece, sadly it only came in niece sizes, and the brooch is for me. I didn't think I was into brooches but I just felt compelled to buy it, I put it on right away and got some compliments from my fellow yardsalers...they're my people, we have a bond. I really love doing the yardsale thing with my boyfriends, even when they don't talk to me it's better than yardsale-ing alone.

In totally unrelated news the house Matt and his brother are building down the road got robbed. They stole a bunch of building supplies, faucets and a book of cd's. They must have meant to come back because there were piles of copper fittings and other more valuable things sitting by the door. Matt and Nate spent the whole night in the dark with shotguns waiting for them to come back which they didn't THANK CHRIST. There is now a security camera and new locks and us driving by every few hours and no more waiting around with guns so that's good. We'll be fitting up our new security camera soon too. You'd think only people with valuables or who lived in cities would have to do stuff like that, but, alas. Who knew scrap metal made people so crazy. It's like the goldrush with tin cans and copper wiring.


The Fat Foreigner said...

I covet that shirt so badly. Damn my adult size body!

Amy said...

i know, i died of cuteness.