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Monday, June 30, 2008

He he he, accordions

As you can see I've done somethings to the blog. I've been meaning to spice things up and these probably are temporary spices but it's nine am and I'm drinking coke and contemplating work in the supermarket industry. Really. So it's a good time for a shake-up.


MayQueen said...

Tracy's mom plays the accordian. She took lessons as a child. I think she should play the march at the wedding. Tracy would love that idea so much she'd probably murder me in my sleep.

Amy said...

dude, when you get married...accordions and bagpipes, and a maraca...that'll be hot!

MayQueen said...

Phew! Thank god I'm never getting married, then.

Amy said...

Who knew straight girls would take such offense at an innocent comment like that.