10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"you look trim and lovely today"

Every chubby white girl should have a fan club of foreign laborers. Seriously. It's the best therapy ever. It's awesome. And also I'm so glad tomorrow is friday. All I have to do is everything I didn't get done this week and then take my spanish speakers to walmart...which will probably be very interesting and totally blogworthy. The gentleman who is the contact for the spanish speakers has taken to writing and calling me only in spanish...which is hilarious actually. I need to learn to say "tricky" in espanol. I did say I was practicing and now I'm being practiced upon. Funny, funny Guatemalans.

I played with my phone all day like a big geek and it was awesome. I love it, I'm a macbot now. I have apple on the brain, in the blood, and look I'm totally still being a geek. And baking brownies. I had to bribe my designer in to work tomorrow with chocolate. I need her that bad, I need her baking brownies bad. Our relationship is built on chocolate and there's nothing wrong with that. Love, sex, chocolate, apple...what more can one ask for?

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