10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"You exercise!?"

How do you say "ouch" in spanish? Our trip to the grocery store went very well, except that my Mexican boyfriend thinks I'm a fat ass. He asked me what time I had gotten up that morning (amongst other weird questions, but whatever...there is the cultural divide) and I said "six, to run" only in spanish and he looked at me like I was lying. He was totally thinking "how could you be that fat and exercise?" only in spanish. I know he was. What he actually said wasn't so bad, no, really it kind of was and if he spoke better english I'd have called him on it but I'm desperate for them not to think I'm mean so I didn't. I guess he could have meant it in a "you're so trim and lovely, why do you need to exercise?" sort of way but the shock was rather too much for that sentiment.

I've learned that the boys buy pepsi and cornmeal and have now realized that I speak more spanish than I let on and are much more careful about what they say around me. The older guys did their own thing and bought real food, like fish, and vegetables. They all went to the dollar store and bought them out of galletas (cookies) which are probably made of sawdust and pig fat but affordable. It solves one problem because I wasn't sure what to do about one of their birthdays coming up and now I know all I have to do is bake cookies and I'll be even more of a goddess than I am now, and they'll all understand how I can run every day and still be fat. Heh.

What else, what else is new? I'm still learning how to use my phone and it's great fun and also I dropped it already. I expect Sugarcrook to be timing it's demise so I might as well come clean. The canvas tote I've been using as a bag lately feel pretty hard in the home depot bathroom and pretty much the iphone took the brunt. It still works but my heart died a little. This is exactly why I can't have nice things. I'm the "your mother told you" poster girl. And also, you can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes.


pinky pinkerson said...

I will say a prayer for your phone. seriously.

and speaking of phones, I am going to hold my nose and jump, and start giving out my cell whenever I get asked for my phone number. this requires me turning on and charging my phone on a regular basis. It also requires knowing how to use my voicemail. Sigh. It's been nice living in the dark ages, but I can't do that anymore.

Amy said...

I always feel like I'm stepping out of the dark ages when confronted with new technology...it's taking me forever to learn my camera.

Sugarcrook said...

At least I can time it on a stopwatch...

You have to make sure your laborers are fed too? Maybe I'm from the robber-baron school of thought, but if they starve to death you don't have to pay them the last week's wage. :)

MayQueen said...

"My god, your feet are what you walk on!"

You know I couldn't resist.

Amy said...

It's actually the funnest part of my job. None of them yell at me.

I know you couldn't resist and dude, yours and holly's birthday presents are going to be late because of what I bought you...it doesn't come out until the 9th of june so don't buy it first ok???