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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"como estas?"

I often wonder how it came to be that I am the expert on so many things at work. Computers, banks, money, advertising, all sorts of things and some of them make sense. Today I am the expert on speaking spanish and hot damn, that sucks. We have 6 very nice, probably, spanish speaking workers starting today and wow do I wish I had listened to Senor Quesada in the 8th grade. He was Cuban and he had excellent clothes and wore sunglasses instead of a scowl like all the other teachers did. Damn it, why do I remember his wardrobe and not the verb forms we repeated over and over.

I have promised the guys I'm going to practicar a ayudar them which is about the most relevant thing I have in my lexicon. Donde esta el bano? only takes you so far when explaining landscaping. Wish me buena suerte.


Sugarcrook said...

"English motherfucker - do you speak it?!" I think that's Shakespeare.

Also, there are foreign language podcasts.

Amy said...

someone told the boss one of the Jamaican guys speaks spanish, so he got a spanish speaker to work with. When I told him about it he said "no, no, I don't speak spanish. My english is so bad people just think I speak spanish". It's going to be a long ass day.

Sugarcrook said...

Sad, but hysterical. I've been driving all over the Bay Area trying to find housing for the last few days. Sympathizing on the long days.

Amy said...

oooh, that's exciting though. Will you be around for Blogher do you think?

Sugarcrook said...

I swear I responded to this before I flew back. Yep, I'll be there. My new 'hood will be San Jose.