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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keeping up appearances

My legs went from feeling the burn directly to maimed. Holy crap, I had no idea how often you use the muscles on the top of your thighs. You need them to sit, and walk and stand. Bathrooms are the worst. At the company meeting last night I gave someone a fright with my leg pain moaning. She thought I was sick. What was I going to say in that situation that wasn't weird? I had nothing. I just told her I was fine. Like I'm going to say "It's the exercising, it causes the pain" there was no way out of that with grace. I'm just hoping she didn't know the sound of my voice, I couldn't place hers.

I cleaned my house and I think it disturbed the feng shui because I can't seem to think. I'll have to spend some time cluttering to get my brain back. I have two fashion occasions this week to think about, the interview and a day of training at the corporate office. I'm having a fashion parade later to sort things out. It's so much more fun to arrange clothes when you have some. Funny that. I have a co-pilot tonight, the chairman would love to share her views on cat nip and napping and day long baths. That's really the way to live. If only we were all cats.

Today begins the era of computer monitoring and so I'm blogging from home from now on. I had a cranky post all written about it but then I got a very exciting call for an interview. Hope is renewed. On the weight front too as I'm actually less than yesterday even after eating all those stupid reese's hearts. It's amazing how much that pisses me off. It's also got me thinking about Easter and the dread Russel Stover bunnies. I'm making myself a goal not to buy or eat any damn easter bunnies this year. Seasonal candy kicks my ass and for no good reason. Must be some carniverous instinct to eat furry things with heads even if they are made of chocolate. Good thing I'm not vegan.


HappyBlogChick said...

I love eating furry things with heads, although I do take off the fur and heads first. Mmmm mmmmeat.

I empathize with the pain you're suffering. My workout yesterday is kicking my ass today. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better. If it isn't ... hell, I don't know what I'll do.

Amy said...

I exercised a little last night and they're fine today. I'm sort of anxious to do it again. I like it when exercise hurts, makes me feel more productive.