10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 01, 2008

"I'm getting more and more tortured in my old age....well, I try."

Two pilates sessions since yesterday and my tension is all gone. That and I'm home today playing with beads and cleaning my house. It's a beautiful thing especially because my last customer yesterday handed me a few hundred dollars of rolled coin covered in pubic hairs. Money is disgusting. One of the more ocd reasons I like using my discover card for everything is that I can bleach it at my leisure. I'm biding my time for an interview this afternoon. I didn't want to risk not being able to leave work so I took the whole day. I'm glad I did because it's giving me some distance and some time to scrap an outfit together.

Not a one of the pieces of clothing I ordered last week arrived in time so I had to hit the mall last night. I ended up with just a shirt. My ass is completely between sizes 10 and 12. One too tight and the other too loose in all the wrong places. What was I expecting? I should know by now that I can't walk into a shop and find a full outfit that fits the night before an interview. I thought I'd be more and more into clothes as my sizes came down and lo and behold it sucks just as much as before. I must remember that losing weight makes nothing easier, just different.


Sugarcrook said...

No comment on the coins. Just ew. Although I wonder what you do to get coins covered in pubisaurs. So much for no comment.

Good luck on the interview. Be bold.

Rebecca said...

Good luck on your interview!!!

Amy said...

I guess we're jacking off and counting quarters, add a pack of PBR and it's a party.

Oh, and thanks. I think it went pretty well!

Shannon said...

Isn't that the truth that losing weight doesn't change anything.

That's something that I have to remember constantly...I am still the same person, I just happen to weigh less.

Thanks for reminding me!

pinky pinkerson said...

pubes do not belong in public. ever. ESPECIALLY not at the bank.

The in-between-sizes thing always used to happen to me at Old Navy when I was thinner. I remember when X was too big, and X-1 was too tight in the thighs. Where are those .5 sizes when we need them?

(or the full-body-and-foot scanner to spit out perfect pants and shoes made just for us. Isn't the future now, or something?)

Amy said...

We really do need a full body scanner. and then someone to actually make the right things.

belly said...

thanks to you, i think i've gotten my exercise in for today - dry heaving for 20 min is just as good as 20 min on the elliptical machine, right? gag. pube covered nickels and dimes?

... uh oh, more dry heaving...

Amy said...

It's truly horrible. All I see when I look at money is the germs and the nastiness and the sore mouthed bastards who lick their fingers as they count the money they're going to hand me. When I leave for good I'm boiling my hands in bleach.