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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oprah made me do it

The purchase of the Angel set is weighing on my mind. Funny how whenever I feel like this I just want to write "petty bitch" on my forehead and have done. I've cancelled and re-ordered it once already today because I am a maniac. It's not exactly that I can't afford it, it's just not a planned purchase and clearly not necessary to my life function. I'm uneasy about it as I always am when I buy something because it's cheap. It's not like "hey, there's this thing and it's cheap now, buy it" I'm clearly a dedicated fan. It's been in my amazon cart for ahwhile, waiting and lonely and steadily getting cheaper. I'm all "Should I wait, will it be cheaper next week?" probably, yes and then my brain will explode.

In order to distract myself I've been playing with the Oprah Debt Diet today, particularly interesting is the shopping section. One of the psychologists on the site recommends keeping a card in your wallet to remind you to ask yourself whether you really need something. If you clicked through you'll see they are really good questions, helpful above and beyond whether or not I should re-cancel my David Boreanaz fix.

But, back to those questions:

Why am I here?
How do I feel?
Do I need this?
What if I wait?
How will I pay for it?
Where will I put it?

With the possible exception of the last two (although where will I put it could work) they're really great weightloss questions. The other day I had the most bizarre craving for doritos. I've never been a dorito person, not particularly. Oh, I'd eat them if they were around but I wouldn't go out of my way. I almost bought some, a tiny one serving bag of no consequence. Doritos of no consequence. Carbs covered in cheese and salt and god knows what and I regard it like breathing air. I went through a process just like above and I decided that I didn't need them, I didn't even really want them and if I decide I do...they only sell them everywhere.

That process is working less well with my birthday cake. It's the best cake ever and half a slice is more than enough. Which means I'm going to be eating this cake till the end of days and yet I couldn't bring myself to take it to work. I'm having a ridiculous kindergartener "mine mine mine" episode over it. I know I'm going to regret keeping the whole thing and/or having to throw it out because I don't want to share. It's weird because normally I can't wait to give away the things I make for other people. I wonder if all bakers are this insane over things they didn't have to bake for themselves or only the lucky ones with issues as complex as mine.

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