10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"If you havent noticed, my right boob is way up here in Maine and my left boob is danglin' down here in Florida."

Not much is happening in the weight department. Except fat. Massive amounts of fat are happening. But, whatever. That is so what happens when you go home and eat a lot and then bring back half a platter of baklava and then eat all that too. I took yesterday off and got my self and my house together. Especially the refrigerator. I don't even remember making baked ziti, that's how bad it was. Now it's full of vegetables and soy milk and yummy stuff like that. I discovered yesterday that although it was my birthday and I was all "do whatever you want, it's your damn birthday" I didn't want to eat anything stupid or spend a lot of money or anything I normally refrain from. I knew I was cooking dinner so I considered buying lunch out but I just wasn't that interested. It was so good to feel on track like that, like I could get a pizza but ehh I just don't want it enough and that's fine.

I did buy myself some earrings while I finished up my Christmas shopping, fifteen whole dollars spent on myself. I was feeling very proud of buying myself a tiny treat that wasn't food and won't be outgrown until just now when I ordered the Angel box set. Amazon keeps lowering the price and I gave in while I bought the new Harry Potter movie and a build your own robot for my nephew. I guess it wasn't as chaste a birthday as I thought. Absolutely must kick box through all five seasons.

In other things I've bought with varying amounts of regret I give you Nivea Firming Lotion. I've been testing it out for a few weeks and so far I'm disappointed in the lack of miracles. I bought it in case it was awesome and I needed to be moisturizing anyway what with the winter. It might still be miraculous but I feel a million years old using firming moisturizer. I read the whole bottle and they seem to be marketing it to the older set instead of the fatter set and somehow I'd prefer to be fat than old. I compared it to the Dove and I think next time I'll try theirs with the "tested on real curves" pledge. I have the feeling neither will give me the perfect skin that will only come with patience and exercise, I just feel like I'm trying harder using the special lotion. Putting my best dollar forward, if you will. I'll keep y'all updated, if there's a miracle lotion to be had I don't want to be greedy.


MayQueen said...

Happy late birthday dear! I meant to email you yesterday, but I was sick and decided I should just take the day off and impersonate a useless lump on the couch instead of getting on the internets. Expect something in the mail sometime before Christmas.

Amy said...

Yo, thanks for the greetings! Are you busy the sunday before christ's birth? I'll be a-visiting if you are!

Debbi said...

Happy belated birthday, Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks Debbi!