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Monday, July 30, 2007

"Were you born this big a pain in the ass?"

long time no blog. i was busy bleeding from the head. and then visiting my sister on her whirlwind visit from slovakia. i was only there two days but we ate alot of crazy ameri-food. mostly ben & jerry's and peanut butter cups. she wanted an explanation for the elvis reese's and i just had none. i didn't even know they existed until this weekend. peanut butter, banana and chocolate...isn't technology fascinating? apparently i miss a lot of pop culture not having of the television. her students are always asking about american culture and since she hasn't lived here in ten years her knowledge is a bit scant. and i was no help at all. my shining moment was knowing who kelly clarkson was. heh.

170 as of today. i hadn't weighed in since wednesday when i rocked a 168. i was sort of hoping that tooth would be heavier. but i do now fit in those jeans i bought in, what, december? 6 months. i suppose if i were being honest i've kept clothing that didn't fit and was never worn much longer than that. years longer than that. 6 months is progress on the whole. and they're super cute so it was worth the wait.

i really feel like i should have more to say after such a lengthy absence but i just don't. we shopped, we ate, i jogged a little and it didn't feel too bad. it was a really nice visit with my sister and so much more relaxing than i remember her being. probably because the last time i saw her she was working 100 hour weeks in japan and our mom was dying. she's a much calmer person working in europe on a shoe string salary. we did a lot of bonding over our shared brokeness.

i've never known her to be such a discerning shopper. "that dress is seven dollars, i'd buy it if it were five." i talked her into a 15 dollar LL Bean tote at the outlet and she looked like i kicked her puppy until it rang up at 10. it was almost dissapointing since i've been saving up my laissez faire especially to go shopping with her. it turns out that's another difference between working in japan and slovakia. i thought she bought heels and suits all the time because she was a hot ass power suit kind of gal. apparently not. there was a very strict dress code in japan and in slovakia anything goes. it feels like i'm just getting to know my sister after all these years. i wonder if she feels the same.

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pinky pinkerson said...

I saw the Elvis Reese's in the store the other day....what? I am not quite interested enough to google it up though :-)