10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"The count of three isn't a plan. It's Sesame Street."

the toothpulling bastards use novacaine in a completely awake type procedure. i realllllly wish i hadn't asked. but uh, yeah, blog. i'll not be in tomorrow because i'll be sitting in my house weeping and bleeding and hopefully drugged. and probably not thursday because damn, what are sick days for if not that. i'll be back friday unless i die of infection. i'll let you know.

can you tell i don't want to do this extraction thing? does it show? i really don't. i think i've had so little medical/dental experience that i'm nervous on principal. i'd like to think it's not the pain because i've gotten tattoos and piercings and it hurts but i still went back and got more. but pretty much it's the pain. and the sound. i don't want to be awake to hear the loud ass squelch that will result from pulling something out of my skull. it's very cartoony in my head. and then the cartoon me speaks in a lisp and drives off with cartoon smoke coming out of the back of the car. you know all those early john cusack movies with the animation? like that. and then the rhino pulls out a bazooka and mows down the fluffy bunnies. the words of the day are random, and gratuitous violence.

runs for the home team today include "i think i lost two pounds which probably means i never gained 'em in the first place" and "dear god, my credit score finally went up again". the first is pretty self explainatory and the second, about frickin' time. i've been steadily plugging away at bringing that bastard up and my "credit snapshot" has been responsing to my efforts by not actually changing at all for months and then jumping a bunch of points. the relief is palpable. i can't wait to be debt free, but i want a kickass credit score to go with it. which you can't get without having debts. the system bites. but i guess i'm winning for the time being. yet another arena where perseverence eventually pays off.

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MayQueen said...

Actually, it's less of a squelch and more of a squeaking, cracking noise. I was put out for my wisdoms, but my vein closed (remember my big maroon water bottle?) and I was nice and awake when they took the last one out. Enjoy that imagery.