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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"monday, no...monday afternoon."

so you know somedays when you check your email and all you have are 1000 notes from netflix. they're sending and receiving and when did you send this? those days suck. i especially hate the "when did you send ?" ones. when did i send it back, i don't know. was it in the red envelope? with the red on it? i sent that, uhh, this week. it bothers me that i might be lying because it could have a serious effect on my quality of service. what if i'm lying and saying it takes 8 minutes for all of my mail to get to portland and it really takes 8 weeks and i can't tell the difference? what happens to my service then? and seriously, how do they expect you to see in the envelope to know what you're mailing. am i supposed to remember what i watched, because i don't. check with hilly and you'll know that i only ever watch angel and i do not know which disk i'm on. the one with david boreanaz in it and then something tragic happens.

i'm sort of in a mood today and i can't think of anything relevant to say so i choose rambling. i have to haul ass to the mall today so i can return my nephew's birthday present. apparently webkins are the new beanie babies, and i bought the wrong one. frog and tree frog are not the same and anyway he has both of them. so i have to get the ugly ass monkey. or a savings bond. i'm "this" close to a pencil sharpener and my best wishes. not that it's his fault. i'd feel worse if he wanted gun and naked lady games for his computer.

the ugh part is that we'll be dining at the mall. i'm going through this period where nothing seems very appealing. even bad food that normally would make me guilty and greedy and giddy isn't turning me on. i'm sure i'll get over it in time to eat pizza and very possibly ice cream and come home and go to bed. and then tell you all about it tomorrow. with a picture of that monkey. really, they look like they have the mange. it's bizarre.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I know how you feel. Sometimes I am waiting for an important email from a friend and I hear the incoming notification only for it to be Netflix asking me some stuff I don't even remember!

Lauren said...

I just wanted to say that you made me laugh. lol.

TOWR said...

Hey, I posted a comment as Rachel over on Late Bloomer Log. Sorry if you got an eyeful of porn clicking on my dead link. You can find me now at www.lessofmetolove.blogspot.com. Hope you drop by! I'll definitely be taking a gander at your lovely site here. ;)

Amy said...

netflix is such an attention whore. red are the devil envelopes.

rachel, i used your full title for your link, let me know if you'd prefer your name. i'm all about service here.