10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Oh! Great! I'm so the 'Net girl."

i don't have a weigh in because finding the scale this morning was way more effort than my brain could handle. what with the well line being frozen again and the fact that i am moved out but not yet moved in, i just couldn't get behind an all out search. let's say, fat. it's probably a mercy that i didn't find it because almost the last thing i did last night was eat 4 olive garden breadsticks. with a full dinner. we had a very busy evening and sadly dinner was way late. and we were startving. and we decimated the olive garden. or we would have if we weren't so fatigued with hunger. why a wait on a wednesday night? who needs cookie cutter italian food at 8pm mid-week. more than we did.

but anyway, i ate four breadsticks. and i have more in my take out box. greedy breadstick whore. that was my mantra last night and i really didn't care. which worries me. my life in food is going to be way different from now on. most nights when i was a single lass, i had dinner at around four thirty. maybe five if i had something to do on the way home. i was an early eater and i liked it. i didn't do much in the way of snacking after dinner, drank a lot of water. things are going to be way different. like dinner at 6 every night. i don't know if it will mean a big change in the way my weight has run. but i know i'll be eating more during the day to compensate for the later dinner. i'm planning to bring better lunches and get more more exercise, i just don't know how the equation will work out.

course i'm starting out great today with two lunches waiting for me and some cookies under my belt already. i'm a rock. i really have to get a grip. i tried on those pants last night and all but one pair fit. i actually fit into twelvs i don't have to pay for. i'd really hate to wreck that feeling with free thai food and italian left overs. not in one day anyway.

i'm off to think of a plan to deal with this day. and to not eat all the food available to me just because i'm stressed. it'll be there when i'm hungry right? that's something to keep in mind.


Lily T said...

Wow! Moving in with someone is such a life style change. I have found that any life style change for me causes me to gain weight. It's good that you anticipate that things will not be the same.

When I lived alone I ate very little and very badly. Now since I'm concern about my family's welfare, I try to keep good food in the house. But since my family aren't on a diet, there's bad food in the house also. It's give and take, I guess. What I like about it is that more people to feed means more incentive to cook. And homecooked food is good for the waistline.

Roz said...

Well, moving house is one of the three top most stressful things that you can do! I'd be happy if I only stopped at four breadsticks. Just go with it, and I think you have the right approach in not eating the food just because it is available.

Hang in there, you are doing great.