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Friday, March 02, 2007

things to do with chicken when you're all alone

i've spent the last two days searching for skillet chicken recipes. because our oven doesn't work. i'm usually a broiler kind of girl. not for any diety reason, i just like dry chicken. and it doesn't actually take any work. marinate it, stick it in a pan, broil. maybe you turn it, if you're feeling fancy. i sometimes place it on a rack. which is fun. and then the miniscule amount of fat in the boneless, skinless chicken breasts drips off. skillet chicken is a different story with the whole cooking in the fat thing. the fat conversation is all pretty academic though because i'm not going to be eating it. matt's going to be eating it. which means the more fat the better. but he also has to like it. which makes it tricky.

i haven't figured out all the kinks in the care and feeding of the boyfriend. will he eat sauteed lime herb chicken? he will if i don't tell him what it is. or should i go with the blackened pan seared? or should i just breadcrumb it and go with the frying? i have all afternoon to decide.

and i have till tuesday to decide about the thyroid thing. the facts that my level went down on it's own, i haven't had trouble losing weight (as in i can when i try) and i don't show a whole lot of the other symptoms leads her to believe that i don't need to be medicated. but i can be if i want to. isn't that a conundrum. would it help me lose weight, is that a good reason to take drugs if i don't really have to. could it be that i've been living with my symptoms for so long i don't know whether i feel good or not. it's possible that i would feel better down at a 1. or i'd feel like shit. the questions i didn't think to ask, and will have to for tuesday, are whether or not i'll do permanent damage by playing with the dosages.

mostly i'm battling the demons of vanity on this one. it's true that i have lost weight without taking my thyroid meds. it's also true that my level went down. is that related, she didn't seem to think so. the big questions is whether or not the things i'm doing now would be good enough for a lifetime of relative skinnyness if i was at a level 1. or am i chasing the dream.

lots to think about.


MayQueen said...

Guess who I just bumped into at Starbucks? Ana Sanchez. I wasn't sure if it was her so I flashed my ring as I reached for the Sugar in the Raw and sure enough, it was her. She's going to school for pharmacology like two doors down from where I work. Small world, huh?

Amy said...

wow, that's crazy. pharmacology is hard. god that makes me feel old. and uneducated.