10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"the only ism hollywood believes in is plagiarism"

proof positive that whatever we do it will never be good enough. the adorable mimi is in the normal BMI range, but she's not normal enough. you have to be in the middle of normal to be normal. what's the point of normal if it isn't in fact good enough? that makes me grry. it also makes me totally glad that i haven't scheduled an annual yet. i really don't think i could handle her telling me i'm not doing enough.

if she told me it was a matter of eating less as dr. smartypants did there might be violence. as if that's the magical solution and nobody knows. i guess my physician actually wasn't that bad. she said i was over the normal range and she was right. it wasn't as negligible as not hitting the perfect middle of normal. forty pounds over normal is a different story. i guess i never considered that she might not be pleased with my progress, and now i have a new thing to be anxious about. goodie!

the big annual doctor fun will have to wait though. matt is 98% certain that we'll be in the new place by march 1st. which means i have to shake it with the packing. and the moving. i've been thinning out the clothes knowing there's no room for them, but that's probably the smallest issue i could have worried about. i need to start worrying about books. and movies. and cd's. and the dishes. sweet lord, the dishes. i've already started moving those and i still have 5 full shelves. and a drawer. it'll be great exercise, lifting boxes of books. the last time i moved my entire collection at once my father asked if i was hiding a body. painfully accurate, he was.

matt isn't all that worried but he doesn't have all those alphabetized cd's to move. he just has a neurotic girlfriend to deal with. child's play in comparison.


Jennette Fulda said...

At lease mimi smartypants kept a good head about it. Comments like that are the reason a lot of fat people don't go to the doctor and then get sick and die.

Amy said...

it's the truth. i can't wait to hear if she suggests she eat a bag of dicks. that's appropriate.

pinky pinkerson said...

that's so weird. i don't read mimi smartypants, but I assume she's regular sized, if not small (ie, the comment about weighing less than some dogs). I have been allll over the charts weight-wise, and i've never had a doctor be a dick about my weight. they might suggest I get more exercise, which I do actually need, but never the conversation about "you must lose weight." huh.

also, in my experience, you doc will be THRILLED that you lost any weight at all. the doctors i have seen while I was losing weight all expressed to me that whenever they advised anyone to try to reduce, no one ever, ever did. the best praise i ever got when I was losing weight was not from people telling me i looked cute (that loses its luster after a while), but from doctors praising me for my increased good health. that was nice.

Amy said...

i had sort of assumed that my doctor would be as happy as i am about it. although i've had some serious dicks of doctors. the one that said i was crushing my own knees at 170 pounds. i should have smushed him with my girth.

i i eee said...

Dr. Smartypants needs a swift hard kick in the crotch. No less than that. What an asshole.

MayQueen said...

You will probably never read this because I am several days behind on your blog, but