10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 09, 2007

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."

i packed 5 boxes last night. and my house is a wreck. so this afternoon i ate a chocolate bar to forget about it and now i feel ill. so the plan worked. sort of.

since we're pretty sure we'll be moving, i need to actually buy a refridgerator. i've been hemming and hawing as you do over your first refridgerator purchase. what with the mammoth cost involved. i have no idea what is a good brand of fridge to buy. we'll probably end up with the shiniest one out of pure desperation. bikini contest of appliance buying.

another goal is to try to eat all the food in the current fridge. so i don't have to move it. we're looking at frozen ravioli for dinner every night until february the 28th. i don't know why i'm worried about this. it's cold out. it's freezing actually. so what does it matter if i have to drive the cold food to the new fridge? it doesn't. i just don't want to put the old crap in the new fridge. the feta from 1984 and those olives with the film. it embarrasses me to think i'll start the new life in the new place with things i moved from the old place. and the place before that. it's time to pull the plug. but since i can't bear to waste the food...we have to eat. it. all.

meals are going to be sort of crappy for a while. consisting of the oldest food on half the plates with half the cooking implements. not that it matters because i'm only feeding me. matt has to hang out there so he can feed wood to the furnace. i'm thinking aslong as it's just me i'll burn through the perishables and then eat cereal. one box, one bowl, milk, spoon. minimalist. like the army if they got fruity pebbles instead of mre's.

can you sense the panic? i feel completely unprepared. like if i can't fill the boxes tonight i'll have to pay march rent. since i can't pack at work i've been making lists all day. of all the things i should pack when i get home. and another for all the things i can't pack yet. and then the things i can pack between the pack firsts and the pack lasts. i'm definitely putting liquor into the last pack category. not that i'm much of a drinker, but i feel a need to keep my options open.


Jennette Fulda said...

Good call on the liquor. I almost never drink, but I bought a 6-pack the day after I moved.

Sugarcrook said...

I'm buying a new fridge soon too. And new a kitchen to put around it.

Personally, I favor counter-depth because.. they're counter-depth? I'll probably end up with a GE Profile or Whirlpool something or other. Whirlpool also makes Maytag and Kenmore, so it's turtles all the way down.

If you're considering the baking/chocolate thing still, you'll want to take that into account.

Right now Home Depot has decent prices, but they'll get better the closer you get to April 15th, so try to get price matching.

Hope that helps.

Beth Currie said...

OMG, list mania!! I had that too when we moved. Lists of what to pack, what boxes held what, who we needed to tell our new address to...I probably had a master list of all my lists LOL.

Just think yourself lucky you don't work from home. We run two businesses so as well as the usual we had endless customers, suppliers, tax people etc to notify. Was a nightmare!

Amy said...

i am definitely taking the chocolate thing into account. it would really suck if i couldn't fit my trays in there (you know the ones that are side by side, not wide enough). my sister gave me her consumer reports sign on so i can be all researchy, i did read somewhere that whirlpool makes really great fridges. i'll let you know.

the liquor is still not packed, it's still under necessity although i'm too tired to pour.

my list stack keeps growing. i should do a spreadsheet just so i won't get papercuts anymore.

MayQueen said...

"I don't know if I should unpack or sit on my bed and cry."