10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, February 12, 2007

"i'll just go to her, chain her up and torture her till she likes me again."

this is just so wrong. the point wasn't that dawn french was overweight, the point was that she was a woman. and also completely hilarious. and talented. wrong is not a strong enough word. insane maybe. painfully so.

like my weekend with the packing. i was a very devoted mover. i only did the tiniest bit of extra-curricular shopping. i went to the pretty jewelry store and picked up a present for my sister and some things for myself. and i didn't have a car accident this time. i was very careful. and i'm very excited about the bracelet that alison is making just for me. to match my earrings. i love shiny things. i'm turning into such a girl.

speaking of which, i don't feel like i moved that much but it was clearly too much. i'm beat. all the books are gone, and the games, and all the wall art. which was a bad idea because my house is really depressing now with nothing but holes in the walls. i packed up all my fancy dishes and my bakeware. i have a whole lot of unnecessary things in my house. and they're all heavy. or fragile. or otherwise difficult to pack. how have i done this so many times and not gone insane?

i've set-up a few things in the new house and it's a little strange. i feel a little like i'm taking my life and laying it over matt's house like a blanket. i keep asking him if he'd like more of his stuff and less of my stuff, and he keeps saying he doesn't have any stuff. i suppose he's right. for him to make more of an impression on the apartment he'd have to do a lot of shopping. i can't help feeling weird about it, but he really doesn't seem to care. i guess i'll just keep asking him until he goes nuts (soon) or starts putting up naked lady pictures like his brother (unlikely).

what else. oh yeah, i successfully didn't buy any groceries. it probably won't do much for the diet eating pasta every night, maybe i'll burn enough calories by fretting and making lists that it won't matter. it frees up a lot of money anyway. a very beautiful thing.


pinky pinkerson said...

oh man. much as I loathe kirstie alley's belonging to that money cult, she actually is fairly funny. we shall see if the new version is any good. hmmm.

but yeah. I was impressed at how the Vicar of Dibley was NOT about Dawn French's weight - everyone seemed to treat her as just a regular woman. Attractive to some, not to others, just like anyone else.

Amy said...

it's true that she can be funny. i just have a feeling it'll be all about the weight. not the talent.

Weight Master said...

He probably don't care; I know I wouldn't. I'm probably like him in that I don't have enough stuff to do anything with.

Beth Currie said...

Ooooooooh, pretty!

Dave was the same way when w moved in. I don't think men really have stuff. They only buy the bare necessities.

i i eee said...

I hope it's not about the weight.

Be grateful that he doesn't have much stuff. You won't have to argue over some crappy picture he wants to keep up on the wall.

Rebecca said...

i'm so excited for you guys!!!!

and i can definately say he'll love having your stuff all over your guys' new digs!

Amy said...

it is exciting. it's true that i won't have to work around his artistic vision for the house. that's a good thing. i just have to live around his tools. which i suppose is his concession to the mortal weakness of ownership. 100 year old machines that don't work. that's why i'm justified in buying jewelry. atleast it fulfills it's function.

Jennette Fulda said...

i feel a little like i'm taking my life and laying it over matt's house like a blanket.

Oooh, I like that imagery! Boys tend not to decorate much. In my dorm in college the girl's floor was decorated with construction paper and trim, but if you went up stairs to the boys' floor it was like a mental institution. It was all white walls and depressing.

Amy said...

i'm feeling very concious about setting up my house within his. but it seems i'm the onlyone who cares so i'm trying to get over it.