10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"And you're sitting here at the Bronze looking like you just got diagnosed with cancer of the puppy."

back to 171 of late. how depressing. i'm pretty sure it's the loaf of useless white bread i was compelled to buy this week. and maybe the dove bars. which i'm enjoying much less than the toast and yet feel more guilt over. is it me or is there some inherent emotional baggage that comes with eating chocolate? what do they call that, i want to say bullshit posturing. is that it? anyway, one pound fatter. c'est la vie.

i was supposed to do laundry last night. but i got an attack of the lazy. which i will totally regret this weekend when i'm lugging trashbags of dirty linens to the new house. doesn't that sound skanky? i guess i'll have to do the laundry thing friday night instead. if i add enough rum and coke, pizza, and buffy re-runs that might not be such a bad night. and i wonder about the pounds creeping up. well, no, i don't really. more i'm sadly aware of exactly why that pound came back. it's just under the radar right now. 174, now that would piss me off. that would make me give up the pizza. so we'll see what happens.

last night i packed two rubbermaid tubs worth of cereal. i've got to give up the bulk shopping. once and for all. the nice thing about not being completely broke is that if i want cheerios i can just buy cheerios and i won't have to feel bad about not having a coupon. i should really just shred all coupons that say you have to buy two of something. unless it's ice cream. otherwise it's just a spending trap i have difficulty avoiding. especially with things that aren't perishable. i just don't need that much food on hand and finally seeing it all in the light of moving has opened my eyes.

i'm really hoping those habits will be easier to break in my new living situation. i'm going to have to change the way i cook and shop. i could never feed matt fruity pebbles for dinner and i've sworn i'm never buying bologna, so we'll both be eating differently. i'm committed to cooking healthy food for him so it'll have to rub off on me. atleast a little.


MayQueen said...

I like eating with my mom and Brian every night, but sometimes I don't feel like an entree and two sides (or whatever). Sometimes I just want to have a big glass of juice and bowl of edamame.

Amy said...

i hear you. he thinks i don't eat when in fact i just have my calories different ways. but maybe a small dinner won't work when i'm eating two hours later than usual. it could go badly and not goodly at all.