10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Does this sweater make me look fat?" "No. The fact that you're fat makes you look fat. That sweater just makes you look purple."

this will probably be a random sort of post because i'm feeling..err..sort of random. pretty much the bulk of the move will be over this weekend. bully for you all because you won't have to hear about it anymore. woohoo!

i received a great big ol' box from amazon last night. the last remaining buffy seasons and a giant box of earl grey green tea. 6 cartons times 20 bags is a lot of tea. but i legitimately couldn't find it here (why, i don't know) and it was relatively cheap. and i've been really into green tea lately. it must be a phase.

per sarah and the "i'm not going to unpack, i'm just going to sit in my room and cry" way of life, i'm a little worried about my future kitchen. i really wanted to unpack things in an orderly, anal compulsive way...but i'm way beyond that now. i'm in stuff it in now, sort it out later mode. so much for planning.

i've also noticed that i'm completely incapable of working without my stereo. i gave myself a choice between the tv and the stereo and i chose the tv (specifically for the arrival of the joss whedon collection). turns out i'm way less interested in packing up my tupperware without music. i know, it's shocking.

what else, oh...nothing. i've got nothing. i'm still at 171. i'm only halfway through the frozen ravioli. i haven't done a proper minute of exercise in weeks. the dove bars and the whole loaf of bread are gone. as in eaten not as in thrown away. imagine how skinny-rific i could be if i ate properly this week. and how fat i could be if i lived near a pizza hut. a world of possibilities.

you ever wonder how much of your life is like one of those adventure books where you choose the ending? if your heroine bought organic bananas turn to page 7, if she bought bakery style banana muffins turn to page 9, if she ordered in thai take out for the 7th day in a row turn to page 175 and adjust your pants accordingly. i find myself thinking like this all the time. if i nixed this thing and did more of that thing. the point is, however, that that's all in the past. i can't change last week. i can only work on changing next week. or i can try to anyway. and i can try to chastise myself less for choices that i've already made and accepted even if i don't like them as much from this side.

if i can just forgive myself for not packing the tupperware maybe i can move on enough to shove it in a glad bag when i get home and call it good.


MayQueen said...

Can your dvd player play cds?

Amy said...

yes, i could easily have moved all that stuff and just used the computer and not complain at all. but then what would i blog about?

Pinkie said...

Man your blog is hilarious!! I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother though. That had to be tough. Good luck with weight loss. I am trying to lose 30 pounds myself and this is no picnic.


Beth Currie said...

Buffy dvds and green tea...glad to hear you have the essentials sorted out in your new place :-)

And I'm with you on the stereo issue. I'm physically incapable of doing any sort of housework without loud music to sing along to. I need it to distract me from how much I HATE housework.

Amy said...

i could leave everything else behind and i'd be happy. except for maybe the shoes. if i could drink green tea and watch buffy and pet my favorite heels i'd be well set.

i i eee said...

If it makes you feel any better -I moved into my new apartment last October...I still have boxes of crap crowding my kitchen and remaining hazardous in my bedroom. I haven't invited anyone but my boyfriend over to my place because well, it's still in disaster mode.

Your adventure book analogy is pretty fantastic. Someone should write a book about gaining weight like that, "Choose: Mary eats a whole package of Oreos and doesn't workout p.45, or Mary eats a piece of fruit and goes to spin class p.10. See what happens!"

Amy said...

mary goes to bulimia camp, turn to page 92 pounds and not skinny enough.

yes, i rather like it too although it makes me feel a little dirty about nancy drew.

i i eee said...

*snickers* Oh bulimia camp -that's awesome.