10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"is mel gibson in this movie?" "braveheart? yes. he is."

i'm very bummed that i've now seen all of the project runway seasons netflix has. but the "daniel franco where did you go" song is prefectly stuck in matt's head so the magic isn't all lost. the worst part is i keep calling it "fashion runway". which means i am officially my mother. god help me.

not to get off track or anything, but, speaking of god help me we had a big ass earthquake last night. it's the third big-ish one in two weeks. it's just not right. we get sub-zero temperatures, feet on feet of snow, ice storms, hail storms, hurricanes, forest fires and now earthquakes too? it's a smorgasbord of natural disasters and we got the early bird special. you know what the next season is? locusts. and i stole that from lewis black because it is the fucking gospel. locusts are next. i have this intense desire to buy bottled water and canned beans and an all terrain cat carrier. fear based consumerism is the wave of the future.

i called matt because i couldn't think of anything else to do and if my 17th century farmhouse is going to colapse on me damned if i want to be alone. so he came over. stopping out to his property to check on things. he didn't tell me last night what he was checking, but now i know. while we have tiny little earthquakes (4.2) we have big ass granite boulders. perched on mountains. there is one that has remade the guardrail at the tarn, having rolled down a mountain. guess who has a ton of boulders perched on the precipice of route 9 (important road to canada)? matt. that's what he was going to see. how many of his boulders done rolled into the highway. he didn't spend hours on the road with the backhoe so i'm guessing nothing happened. but the rock at the tarn is pretty cool.

but back to fashion runway. i really miss it. i'm not that excited about my netflix now that season 2 is all done (but i am getting a kick out of calling my sister and saying "designers, rock the casbah"). i'm not that excited about shopping either, which is just plain weird. especially as it's %10 off tuesday at the gap and my pulse is barely racing. but i lost four pounds in a day. so that's cool. it's not realistic but it's a great panacea. if i just stay off the scale till i get my diet on for a bit i might even have, like, genuine success. maybe.

*if miss pinky is reading i love the discs you sent me, i just haven't gotten to putting them on the computer to see which are my favorites. i just listen to it like a soundtrack. you should rename yourself jammastah pink!*


Sugarcrook said...

You should check out the first season of Rome, the HBO series. Netflix has it.

Amy said...

i have added it. mary says it's bloody, what better entertainment?

i i eee said...

Ack. Earthquakes = scary!

Project Runway is the best.

MayQueen said...

I love Project Runway. I was so pissed last Wednesday morning when I saw a commercial for some news show that totally spoiled who made it to Fashion Week. Right on the freakin' commercial!
I may skip the reunion show, though. That looks extremely uncomfortable.

Sugarcrook said...

Rome is bloody, but the series is very accurate.

pinky pinkerson said...

yeeha! glad you are liking!