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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

audit who?

we got audited this morning. surprise! it was cool though, we do everything as we should so there isn't any reason to worry. we're just tense because even though we know we do everything right, there's some ingrained thing about scrutiny causing tension. my boss was smiling so hard i thought i heard her jaw crack. but it's all over now.

being tense is a tiring process. my teeth hurt. i went for a long walk to relax and now i'm worn out. one stressful morning kicks my arse. i have the strongest desire to get a pizza for dinner so i don't have to kick. it'll be one of those evenings where you flop on the couch and the most activity you entertain is punching the remote and kicking the empty pizza box to the corner. i'll have to check out the will-o-meter before closing and see the consensus. wait with baited breath.


Jennette Fulda said...

What exactly happens during a bank audit? I had a job once where they'd warn us when the upper-level managers were coming in so we'd wear nice clothes instead of our ratty jeans :)

Amy said...

firstly, they count every bill and coin and if it's not perfect they leave your entrails all over the money counter. it's nasty. then they check that everything that is supposed to be signed is signed and red checked and filed correctly and fits every banklaw that was ever written. but that's just an internal audit. the federal auditors come through too sometimes and that's even more fun. banking is a very regulated industry and everything has to be perfect. all the time. but we have to look good too.

Sugarcrook said...

They're just making sure the loot is accounted for prior to the coming alien invasion.

I, for one, welcome our new bug-eyed overlords.

Amy said...

is the city getting to you deah?

Sugarcrook said...

Me? I need a vacation. Like, for real. On a first name basis with my TSA screeners.